Batman Tower Self-Portrait Shoot

The Batman Tower Self-Portrait Shoot was conducted in an abandoned nightclub/disco in Pattaya called Batman Tower.  The building is famous locally and avoided by most people as they believe it is inhabited by ghosts.

In my undies...

In my undies…

In my camo shorts...

In my camo shorts…


These two images were shot using a technique called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range.  They are actually composits of three images, shot at varying exposure then merged together to get a more interesting tonality range. Check out my other HDR photography.



Self-Portrait Photography

I have somewhat of an obsession with self-portrait photography.  The Batman Tower Self-Portrait Shoot was very exciting for me as I had not done any of these in quite some time.  There is another blog post from this same series, focusing on blue graffiti background complimented by a blue skimpy swim suit.  I also have a series of self-portrait photo shoots in my modeling portfolio.  My general concept is to chose underwear colors the compliment or contrast the adjacent graffiti and often try to create a pose to mimic the style of the lettering or mural designs.


Meeting of Styles 2016

So, it turned out I was not alone at Batman Tower in Pattaya!  This was the first time someone ever walked in on one of my self-portrait shoots.  I often do these in the nude, but was more careful here due to being out of the country as well as respecting local culture.  As I was about half way through the shoot people started walking in.  They set up and were working on the graffiti.  I assumed at first that it was just a weekend sport for locals, but eventually realized something else was going on.  It turns out that an international festival called Meeting of Styles was planned for Pattaya.  Fortunately, the artists that walked in on me were not bothered at all, so I continued with my work and they with theirs.

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