Bodypainting for Comic Book Series

Bodypainting for Comic Book Series


I had the pleasure this past weekend (January 24th & 25th) of working with artist Anthony (Tony) Dortch of Dortch Designs.  Tony is the creator of a body of work composed of paintings, videos, and comic styled books called “The Pure: The Privileged Series.”

I had a multifaceted role in a video portion of the project shot on location in San Diego.  My roles included model, location scout, and behind-the-scenes photographer.

This was my first experience as a body-painting model, which is something I have been wanting to do ever since seeing Craig Tracy’s work in New Orleans about five years ago.  Tony was assisted by a second and very talented painter, Kendal Jackson.


Tony’s Mission Statement (copied with permission via FaceBook chat):

“We all have our own unique hopes and fears, dreams and pains, talents and experiences. Those near and close to us, our family and friends, know where we’ve been, accept what we’ve become and, still, gently allow us to grow. Such growing space provides the unique opportunity for the extraordinary, based upon my time honored belief that ….NO ONE IS ORDINARY. 

A combination of psychological intuition, observation and experience has inspired me to craft visual interpretations of peoples’ environments through the medium of modern technology and materials. My experiences have lead me to create energetic dreamscapes portraying an odd mixture of human composition, emotional experience, and surreal motion that focuses on the idea that people are connected to themselves, their experiences, and to the world in such a way that we are not apart from our reality but a part of it.

The evolution of my work incorporates the use of ink, photography, bold colors, and a buildup of brush strokes which combine with my familiarity with comic book art to produce images that focus on a variety of life experiences.”

NOTE: Since posting this, I have worked with Anthony Dortch several more times including a scene for the coming book in Arlington, VA; the Capital Pride Parade, and another scene for the Privilege series in New Orleans, LA.  I am always interested

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