Bodypainting Workshop by Liliana Sepulveda Hopman

Bodypainting Workshop by Liliana Sepulveda Hopman

Liliana Sepulveda Hopman taught this full day workshop for bodypainting beginners and intermediates at the Georgia Freight Depot as part of the 3 days of Living Art America in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lilly is known for her amazing and intricate details which she seems to brush on and a rapid fire pace.  Students were treated to many of her inside secrets, such as how to quickly create repeating details from applicators made from common household items, using the kabuki brush for quick coverage, how to bodymap the human body before starting, and much more.  I am working on convincing Lilly to use these photos and create a step by step article on what you are looking at in the photos.  Otherwise please respond in the comments and I will do the best I can very soon!

This was the second event I participated in at Living Art America.  Be sure to check out main competitionThe Human Zoo, and the Body Art Cabaret.

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