Filmmaker’s Welcome Party

Filmmaker’s Welcome Party

Filmmakers, actors, actresses, and plain ole film-goers were treated to an awesome event at the Whann-Bohn House Friday (October 16, 2015) as part of the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival.  Plenty of directors, writers, producers, actors, and other talent enjoyed a great night of live music, drinks, and mingling at this historic home located at 807 Esplanade.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua Tate and his sister Jennifer two nights this week.  Joshua is an amazing young man who is the writer/director for the short film Guest Room, starring Glee’s Lauren Potter.  Joshua is from the fine city of Austin, Texas but currently lives in Los Angeles.  His sister, Jennifer Tate is an actress and is sure to win anyone over with her beautiful smile and friendly personality.    It was also amazing to meet and talk to actresses Deanna Meske and Michelle Benet and their friends Austin and Roy Farthing.

The three story structure was built in 1859 for ship Capt. William Whann and is said to be the most expensive home built in New Orleans at that time.  The home was sold to August Bohn in 1866 giving the home the second half of its name.  Susan and Peter Hoffman, both movie producers, purchased the mansion in 2007 for $1.7 million through Susan’s film production company, Seven Arts Productions.  Susan has had the home carefully restored to as much of its original detail as possible.  The home now serves as one of the finest film post production facilities in the state.  Producers are not given a very viable option to sending post production work back to California, thus keeping more money in the Big Easy!  For more details, Mike Scott has a very good article on the home at

Hopefully some of this hob-nobbing will help with my own new acting career!


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