Bodypainting – Grey Cross Studios

Second Vision of the Revenant Cycle

I was fortunate to discover Grey Cross through social media and requested a tour of his studio, which he gladly gave.  At the time I was expecting a traditional sculptor carving statues out of stone or assembling metal parts together.  Some of his projects do reflect typical techniques, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he is an accomplished bodypainter as well, though he prefers the term body sculptor.  It was exciting to walk away from the tour with an offer to model in the studio at a future date.

As can be seen in the images below, the combination of meticulous planning, studio work, and post-processing is spectacular.  The planning phase involved preparing the outdoor set, collecting various props, and designing the lighting scheme.  Most of the studio work was obviously dedicated to the bodypainting, which involved a combination of techniques.  Air-brushing the base layer helped speed up the operation and allowed for more detailed work to be done in the same session.  The remaining studio time was dedicated to arranging lighting and the actual photoshoot.  Due to Grey’s dedication to his craft, the post-processing work in CorelDraw was significant as well.  In all well over 100 hours went into this project.

The entire sequence is carefully documented in The Revenant Cycle #2.  My personal favorite is called “Looking Back at My Life.”



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