Living Art America Competition

Living Art America Competition

The Living Art America competition is the final and most important of the official events surrounding Living Art America.  Award-winning artists from all corners of the earth converged on the Georgia Freight Depot to compete as Professional Level or Emerging Artists.  The stakes are high with cash prizes, production opportunities, and prestige for the home country.  However, with the amazing energy going on at the event all of the artists and models were winners!

I was a model myself, so the photos here are all I was able to squeeze in. The event was very well organized.  All artists and models knew exactly what to expect well in advance including a full article on tips for models.  All of the models were quite engaging, very friendly and definitely supportive of each other.  The camaraderie present lent the feeling of a cast of children in a school play rather than a fierce competition.  The intensity of competition was much greater for the artists, however as they worked feverishly to apply every detail they dreamed about all year long.

Check out my photos from the Body Art Cabaret as well, plus David Leo’s photos of me at The Human Zoo.


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15 Responses

  1. 44edward

    Great bodypainting, too bad you are not allowed to be totally nude, though you posing strap is very skimpy and somewhat revealing. When I saw your video, I though you were totally nude. I have seen ?Cullis photo in Times Square where he was totally nude.
    Syracuse NY

  2. cryan13

    44edward Thank you…..   I wish I could be totally nude too.  It is not usually easy finding the skimpy looking g-strings they want you to have.  it must be easier for women.

  3. 44edward

    I am glad you found the skimpiest g-string. Are your genitals painted during these bodypaintings?

  4. cryan13

    44edward it depends on the event and venue, but at this one only by virtue of it soaking through the g-string.