Long Exposure Photography

This project is just a little experimentation with long exposure photography by Timo Kozlowski.  These were shot at Black Box Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand.  Everything was shot in a completely black room, the shutter kept open for longer time frame and flashes set to go off at different times to achieve these results.


shirtless barefoot male model

sexy feet male
man white underwear

Long Exposure Photography

I am usually happy to model free for non-commercial projects such as this when it is convenient to my schedule.  Feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind.  I am experienced with modeling for fine art photography, drawing classes, bodypainters, etc.  I also am very familiar with many excellent places for intimate photography projects around Thailand.

About The Author

Model, photographer, traveler, and writer. I was born and raise in the south and maintain as much southern charm as possible while counteracting the stereotypical racist bible thumping attitude expected by so many.