Mischling – The Privileged Series

Mischling  – The Privileged Series

Tony Dortch of Dortch Designs has released a new book entitled Mischling as part of his comic book series, The Privileged Series: PURE.

In Tony’s own words “Mischling are the green offspring that come whenever the Privileged and Other mate. They not only pose a threat to the nation’s social structure, but to the health of the Privileged.”

My character was a Mischling in the San Diego video shoot for Tony. This was my first experience at bodypainting and has led to many other amazing opportunities. Since that time I have worked with Tony as a model for his Living Rainbow Project at the Capital Pride Parade as well as being a Cyborg (shot in New Orleans) for another edition of The Privileged Series.

“PURE is a story built around the small nation of Seyns. It is governed by 7 feuding Western defined families; each with unique characteristics. They are privileged. The privileged don the ornate clothing and jewelry of money, beauty, and corruption. Their golden exterior and sky blue eyes belie any preoccupation with altruism, for the commoners serve as mere stepping-stones to money, power and useless things.” – from Dortch Designs – Comic Book



This phase of the project was shot in the high desert area of east San Diego County, near the amazing Carrizo Gorge.  The cast was amazing to work with.  We had to endure cold weather, heavy winds, and a long walk from the makeup area to the shooting location, but not a single person complained.  Everyone was there to enjoy the adventure.  I also did some behind the scenes photography that weekend as we prepared for our scene as well as the following day when shooting moved to a more civilized area in the city of San Diego.


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