Fine Art Photography – Zorthian Ranch

All photos by Harold Cooks.


Nude images from this same photo shoot at Zorthian Ranch are available in the artistic nude gallery.

What is Zorthian Ranch

Zorthian Ranch is a piece of property with an eclectic range of props, backdrops, and situations highly conducive to artistic photoshoots. It is located just five miles north of Pasadena, California (near Los Angeles).  Jirayr Hamparzoom Zorthian was an Armenian American artist.  He is famous for his massive murals and nudes.  But perhaps is biggest legacy is Zorthian Ranch itself.  This was his personal estate and inspiration for much of his work.  He and his wife lived pastoral lives on the facility, and were self-sufficient farmers.


Male Nudes at Zorthian

Zorthian was famous for female nudes, I was happy to remove my clothes at an event sponsored by one of the southern california nudist clubs.