New Orleans Bodypainting

August 22, 2015

New Orleans Bodypainting – It was a pleasure to work with Tony Dortch  again for his project, Pure: The Privileged Series in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I have worked with him several times before, once in San Diego, and twice in Washington DC.  In addition, it was also especially exciting to be painted by world champion bodypainter Angela Rene Roberts.  The cast included Angela’s fiance Cully Firmin  as well as Natoy and Allen.  Be sure and visit my bodypaint modeling gallery!

My short scene was to play a robot operating some type of control panel.  The bodypaint work by Angela was amazing and I am looking forward to seeing the final work.

Note that the images below are casual behind the scenes shots, and since the camera was passed from person to person it is difficult to say who gets the photo credits.  Many of the images of me as the robot were done via self timer.

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