Bodypainting – UV

The Human Zoo was my very first UV bodypainting experience.  This event was held at Jungle Atlanta on October 1 as the kick off event for Living Art America.

I was extremely fortunate to be asked by Liliana Sepulveda Hopman to model for her along with the very talented Emma Faulkner.  Lily is a very talented bodypainting artist who hails from a town near Amsterdam, though she is originally from Colombia.  This was a really great experience.  I am also extremely grateful to Mr. David Leo of Leo Photography for these beautiful images.  I know from my own experience backstage that shooting UV photography is not easy.

This was the first event I participated in, so be sure to check out the main competition,  bodypainting workshop, and the Body Art Cabaret (as photographer).

About The Author

Model, photographer, traveler, and writer. I was born and raise in the south and maintain as much southern charm as possible while counteracting the stereotypical racist bible thumping attitude expected by so many.