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Christopher Ryan - Male Model Bangkok

Thank you for visiting this site.  I am nearing 50 years old and have been modeling on and off since the age of 25.  My work as a model has crossed many genres including print, fine arts, bodypainting, sketching, and background acting.  I am also a photographer and from time to time will do some self-portrait work. All of my time is spent in freelance work, so I am available to travel for projects world-wide.   I am open to paid commercial work as well as trade work for selected collaborations.  Selected collaborations must be in my own city (Bangkok, Thailand) or all expenses paid. It has been my pleasure to work for some amazing bodypaint artists over the past years in 4 countries, including major international competitions.  I really enjoy the freedom of modeling nude and the intimacy of bodypaint work.  It is very rewarding for me to see the flashes of hundreds of cameras when walking out on stage with only a few ounces of bodypaint covering my body. I am available in my home studio for artists at any stage in their career.  The hourly rate varies depending on artist skill level and intention of purpose for the sketches or paintings.  Small group pricing is available as well. I can easily to travel anywhere in Asia and live near all major consulates so getting travel visas is easy for me. Please keep me in mind for your next project! Note:  I am a Caucasian male model, blond hair, blue eyes, 194 CM tall, 94 kilograms.  I am an American citizen living in Bangkok.